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Our Charity (Coming Soon)

Doing your part has never been so easy. With the Dynamic Impact sharing program, we make it possible for YOU to support your favorite organisation - seamilessly and easily.

This program is perfect for the individual who would like to donate a portion of their income earned through Dynamic Impact to their favorite Non Profit Organisation (NPO) or for the organisation who signs up members in the Dynamic Impact Associate System with the intention of having them donate a portion of there eanings to the parent NPO who signed them up.

A Win-Win. You make money, your favorite NPO recieves donations. A community best system where everybody wins.


You see some of the examples on the right. But just think, ANY NPO can take part in our Charity program. Churches (or any spiritual based NPO), childrens sports organisations, veterans groups, environmental groups and the list goes on.

How easy is it?

  1. Setup your Charity profile with your favorite NPO. It can be any legal NPO incorporated in the United States.
  2. Determine how much of your check will be alloted to the NPO, up to 10%.
  3. Every month we will deduct the predertimed percentage from your earnings and ACH the funds to your NPO. (You can also privately change the percentage you will donate anytime of the month.)

And the best part is: Dynamic Impact will match your donation dollar for dollar up to 10% of your monthly check.